Friday, August 16, 2013

Simms Gortex PacLite Wading Jacket

I am a firm believer that if you are going to do a gear review, you need to wait at least a year before doing one. Your opinion on a purchase can change a lot over a years time. Did it hold up over that year? Does it function the way you though it would? Are there design flaws? Would you do the purchase it again?

I bought a Simms Gortex PacLite wading jacket about a year and a half ago from a guy "used" (I put used in quotation marks because it hardly looked used when I bought it) for $100. When I bought this jacket, my thinking was that I would never buy a jacket for $300 (new price) but at 1/3 the cost it might be worth it. I know they have changed the style of the PacLite since this version. This version is more like the new G4 ($479-way too much) than PacLite (now $229).

I thought that it would be a nice jacket for when it rains, and in the fall and spring, if needed. I was completely wrong on a lot of things about this jacket!!!! I wore this jacket all year round. By layering underneath this jacket, it worked great for any condition. In the fall and spring it works well over a long sleve shirt. In the winter as many layers as you need. In the summer just over a t-shirt. It keeps out the wind, rain, and snow. What more can you ask?

Some of the good aspects of this jacket:
  • Two large front waterproof pockets
  • One large waterproof rear pocket that can also be used to self-stuff the jacket
  • Two Simms style zingers
  • Velcro sleeves
  • Large hood
  • Velcro fly dock
The bad:
  • Sometimes the water can get in on the casting arm, but unless you have gasket sleeves that's going to happen.
  • The short style of the jacket. I know this is for wading but if it wasn't so short, I would wear this even when not fishing.

 This jacket turned out to be one of the best investments that I've made. After owning this for a year, I don't know what I did without it. I even think I would pay the original price if forced to.

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