Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some Days Are Just Good

I met up with a friend the other day to fish Spring Creek. The plan was to hit the Trico's, but when we got over there it was sprinkling on and off, so we figured it probably wouldn't happen. I had a feeling it would be a good day fishing due to the overcast skies and the slight milky color Spring gets when a little bit of water is add to it.

We started the day nymphing, and it took about twenty minutes to figure out which flies to use but once I did the fish were on. The fly combo of the day was a tan San Juan Worm and a Green Weenie. Now, I know a lot of you guy cringe at fishing these types of flies, but they produce results, and results are what I got. It wasn't long before I had picked up a few fish, but nothing over 13"-14".

Then, I started to notice Trico's hanging out over the water. I kept a close eye on them, because if I can I would rather fish a dry fly any day. Soon I began to notice risers. They would turn on and then turn off, so I threw on a Trico spinner. I missed one right away, and the excitement began to percolate, but something just wasn't right.... I was laying out some perfectly drag free drifts with no takes. You know what I mean, the ones where you know if a fish is there it's going to take, you've just seen it so many times you can tell when it's the right drift. Well, it wasn't happening, I tried every Trico pattern I had with the same results, so I figured they must be taking something else that I just couldn't see. Maybe it was a BWO, maybe it was a midge. I never did find out.

After about an hour of frustration, I decided to put the nymphs back on. First cast... fish, within another two minutes... fish. I took the hint and left the nymphs on. We fished for a little while and it began to rain and my friend decided that he was going to take off. I figured I was catching fish and had a rain jacket, and a few hours before I needed to go anywhere, so I stayed. It wasn't long before it began to pour. I thought the fishing was pretty good before this, but it was on fire after. For the next two hours it was; cast, lift, release. Before I knew it, I know that I had brought about 40 fish to hand, and all before 1:00. It turned out to be a great day. One that I won't soon forget.