Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Good Day

For some time now I've wanted to fish a small stream in my area that produces native trout, yet is stocked. Honestly, I believe that if they didn't stock it it would be on the class A list. But they do stock it, and in some ways I understand why. The pressure from the people who have camps along this stream would be immense, and the average fish size in the stream would almost certainly be small compared to the stocked fish. This is a debate for another day and another place. I did catch a mix of stocked and native fish and they all eagerly took a dry fly.That makes for a great day of fishing.

The gradient on this stream was perfect, drop, pool, drop, pool. People who fish bigger water would be surprised at where you can pull fish from. Small current seams along rocks are always candidates for trout habitat in these small streams. Fish in these streams also attack your fly with a ferocity that is seldom seem on the larger streams.  

I only spent a few hours here but I could most certainly spend much more time exploring this water and the waters that feed this stream.Within three hours I was well over double digits. A little below where I was fishing there is a class A brook trout stream that converges with this one. I wanted to fish that stream while I was there also but there was just not enough time. That will have to be left for another day, and another adventure.