Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Next Steps

The next step in the brewing process is what "they" call cooling the wort. Basically you're taking the pot and plunging it into an ice bath until the brew soup hits a certain temperature, pretty simple really. After the brew soup has hit that temp you pour all of it into a fermenter and add the yeast. This is where I am pretty sure that I will change the process next time, next time I will use a bucket for the primary fermentation. The mess is almost impossible to clean out of a carboy. To be honest with you, I am still not sure exactly how I am going to clean out the carboy. Anyway, it was time for fermentation I really wasn't sure what to expect her but I found out, this is where the magic happens. When I put the carboy in the basement I put it in a big tub because I thought there could be some blowout. Little did I know that it would create so much pressure that it would blow the air lock across the room, and splatter the hop goo all over the ceiling. Not once, but twice! Needless to say, the wife was not happy, but she'll get over it like she always does.
 And as you can see the hop goo on my ceiling!