Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fishing & Drinking, Nothing New

Fished one of my favorite streams on Monday, and had a great day. For whatever reason the dry fly fishing has been poor this year but the nymphing has been amazing. The average size of the fish on this stream never ceases to amaze me.

Beautiful Spot Pattern

Something Tried To Grab This One

I Love This Stream

My family and I went to a pirate game Sunday, after that we stopped at Fat Heads on Carson St. I had a couple of Head Hunters, man that's a world class IPA. I would recommend any of Fat Heads beers as a matter of fact. Every one that I've had so far has been excellent. I also got a growler of their Lambic Sour, which was a first for me. I enjoyed it, but it's not a style I would go for every time. I'll try another though.....

Beauregarde's Blueberry Belgo Sour

Fat Heads