Friday, January 4, 2013



It rushes and it moves, always knowing where to go. It can take all sorts forms from fluid to solid and everything in between. Something draws me to it, its beauty, its movement, its power. Life surrounds it, is immersed in it, and fed by it. 

As someone who interacts with it, you begin to know it and understand it, to fear and respect it.

Everyone knows that you need it to survive, but it’s more than that.

 All the activities in my life have revolved around it. From canoeing the Susquehanna river when I would come back to Pennsylvania  in the summers of my youth, to surfing the waves of Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina, as an escape during my early teens. The whitewater canoeing I did in the spring and summer, to snowboarding on its frozen form both during my twenties. And now to fly fishing, where I expect I will spend my free time for years to come.

It will always be there, and I will always go back to it.